Thomas And Alyssa

Back Then

Karm, some generations ago, had a daughter, Alyssa, a pretty and sweet girl of a charming temperament. She became fast friends with Thomas Feldane, the heir to that House. Alyssa was not deemed a suitable catch for the future Duke Feldane, and the parents on both sides forbid the match.

Being brave, heartfelt young people, they took a stand for true love and eloped, running away together.

Naturally, each House blamed the other. Feldane was convinced that the Karm chit had told Thomas some guilt-inducing lie and persuaded him to run away with her - was she pregnant by another man? The Karms were certain that the Feldane sprat had seduced their pure, virgin flower and all but kidnapped her. Both houses set out to rescue their innocent child from the other House.

They caught up with the lovers in a farmhouse on the very outskirts of the city, where the children had stopped for the night. Words were exchanged between the bravos of the two duchies, and a fight broke out. Thomas rushed out to defend his bride and found himself fighting for his life alongside his Feldane cousins.

It ended tragically: Karm lost many of its brightest sons. A lantern was knocked over by someone - later, the Karms claimed Thomas had knocked it over and of course the Feldanes insisted it was a Karm lamp, and the karms had carelessly left it open and throwing sparks. The farmhouse caught fire while the men fought. Alyssa Karm burnt alive. Thomas was killed fighting to get to her. An entire inheriting line of Feldane was wiped out that night. Culver Feldane, Thomas's father and the Duke, lost his children and his hopes for his line in the House from the incident. The Duchy went to his brother's children.

The Karms have never forgiven the Feldanes for her death, and the Feldanes have never forgiven Karm for the loss of their heir or that particular bloodline.

Recent Times

Recently, Illyana Karm accidentally knocked over a lantern in the Feldane gardens, lighting them on fire. Illyana claimed it was a prank, but was surprised at the vehemence with which her prank was received by the Feldanes.

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