The Return Of Cosimo Mandrake

Cosimo Mandrake, the centuries-lost heir to the Duchy of Mandrake (and half-blood of Feldane) has very recently stepped off a boat onto the docks of Amber City and proclaimed himself alive, returned, and entitled to not just his Duchy but the properties that were the inheritance of that Duchy.

He has taken up residence at the Golden Goose Inn, an extremely upscale inn that is known for serving its guests on solid gold flatware. He has also persuaded the staff to wear black and gold livery - the colors of Mandrake.

Cosimo made himself known to Feldane by walking into Feldane itself and making his claim known to Irene. He claims Mandrake, including those properties now in Feldane hands, along with back interest. Feldane grants no such thing and contests his identity.

This throws back into the air a number of settled questions. Feldane has control of a number of Mandrake's urban properties, including the ducal townhouse (which Irene has subdivided into apartments and rented out). Mandrake has been fighting that control for a very long time, but the issue was in effect resolved. Mandrake now has an opportunity to turn over the entire control of its contested properties by presenting their actual owner.

Feldane is likely to contest this on the basis that they have the deeds for these properties, and are owed moneys to boot. Feldane has also sought to involve the Order of Clarity, using Dame Fiamme, to sort out Cosimo's identity.

That said, there is the internal issue this raises in Mandrake itself. Ris Mandrake, who has been running Mandrake all these years, seems to accept Cosimo as Duke - but is surely not complaiscant with being shoved aside on a whim. Ris has offered to host a ball with Feldane - which Feldane agreed to do, but only if Cosimo's name was not on the invitations.

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