The Ball

Ris Mandrake, possibly to counter Cosimo Mandrake's claims on his House, has offered to host a ball with the Duchy of Feldane. This is notable, because Ris Mandrake and Feldane do not get along at all; the sight of them speaking amiably is worthy gossip in Amber.

The ball will be hosted at Feldane, in Feldane's ballroom in town. The hosts will be Ris, Basil and Irene. Ris has told Cosimo that the ball is in Cosimo's honor; if Irene knew that, she'd cancel it.

Ris has supplied, from heaven knows where, a large sum of money to pay his share. No doubt he has plans for the ball; Irene does, too. Taleyn, who bears quite a resemblance to Emma Karm (over whom Cosimo and his brother Jacob Feldane fought, back before Cosimo was lost), is being presented with a gown by Irene. The gown is modeled on Emma Karm's portrait. Irene intends to catch the conscience of a would-be Duke.

Rumor also has it that Addison thinks Ris is a "complete and total fathead" but not in any mean or menacing sense. More in a "getting stuck in doorways" sense.

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