Taleyn: The Only Daughter, who is an awful lot like her mother but does not know it. Taleyn is also the spitting image of Emma Karm, the woman over whom a Feldane and Mandrake pair of twins had fought and over whom one of them died.

Taleyn is convent raised, properly educated, inquisitive, bright, cheerful, warm, wholehearted. Too much time in Amber should fix that. She has, upon her return to the House, been socializing with Ris Mandrake - a risky thing, considering the tension between Feldane and Ris Mandrake - and Cyrus Chantris, who will take her to the Feldane/Mandrake ball.

It is possible that Taleyn has been socializing at the gentlemen's club of Jack's, but no one has had the very poor sense to volunteer this information to Irene.

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