Stuart: The Perfect Son. Also the Dead Son. He is very patient, for being a soul stuck in a sword.

Stuart was a duellist and the proper, expected heir who did his duty. He was engaged to be married to Penelope Chantris, for reasons of an alliance between the Houses (who do not, traditionally, get along). Penelope was accused of infidelity, which isn't that shocking since Stuart hadn't even wanted to marry her; he made noises of true love at his parents, who greeted this with just the amount of concern you can imagine. Stuart fought a duel over her honor with the man rumoured to be her lover. Thing is, Stuart was wrong. Her rumored lover wrote Penelope and asked her to intervene; she interrupted the duel, distracting Stuart, and his opponent killed him on the first blow with a Feldane sword, in which Stuart's soul still lives. Errol, his second, brought it home; Irene likes to complain to it about the behaviour of his younger brothers. Penelope was sent to the country to live down the scandal, and unfortunately was set upon by bigrands along the roads and died.

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