Peabody is Addison's valet and manservant. In the Wooster and Jeeves interaction that is Addison and Peabody, Peabody is definitely Jeeves - smart, sensible, competent, discreet, ingenious, and terribly, terribly diplomatic. Peabody is a servant, but as a valet, he is of that class of servants that transform into people, and may be addressed and asked for advice and discretion. Peabody has demonstrated initiative on more than one occasion, and a delicate, effective touch with arranging difficult matters concerning Addison's affairs.

Peabody is actually from Dare, not Feldane. He was brought to the House as a young boy, shortly before Errol's birth, and survived the purge of Dare servants that Irene engendered some time ago. He began his service to the house as a page boy, then a footman; Irene promoted him abruptly one morning after Stuart's death when she discovered that Addison had not materialized in the House at her whim. She sent Peabody to fetch him and set him to rights.

Peabody's primary duty is to a) keep Addison alive and b) make him useful. Peabody's response, when Irene informed him of this, was to set the expectation that usefulness might not be achieved before breakfast.

Peabody's only known vice is a ridiculous sweet tooth.

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