On A Rating Scale

Afternoon! Errol suggested a relationship breakdown with the other Houses, on a numerical scale, to help with the references. I will also put this on the wiki.

On this scale, 1 is seething hatred of an irrational level, 3 is intense disdain, 6 is tolerance, 9 is deep attachment and affection and 10 is that we would happily do almost anything for them, or at least not be offended that they asked.

Chantris: 6-7, depending on the day. While we are historically a little exasperated with the individual Chantrises, they are in fact a fairly solid House and alliances with them have served us well in the past. Both Chantris and Feldane had an arranged marriage on the books when the principles died; it says something that Chantris and Feldane turned right around and arranged for the next pair of kids to be married. The kids may not like this plan at all, but the Houses officially support it.

Dare: 7-8, depending on the day. Dare are artificers, and have a bit of that steampunk mad scientist thing going on, but they're harmless when they are not useful - and Basil, the Duke, is a Dare. Feldane is positively inclined to Dare.

Marlowe: 4. They are minor, and insignificant, while we do not actively disdain them, Irene at leats seems a little sharp with their resurgent heir. They might make decent pawns.

Mandrake: 2-3, depending on how recently Basil or Irene has had to talk to Ris Mandrake. Mandrake is financially weak, we own many of their urban properties, their Duke has been missing for centuries, and we're rather the villain of their piece, so of course we do not like them. However, they claim that their rightful Duke has at last returned, and so we are even more annoyed with them than usual, since they want their property back. So it is somewhat unusual to say the least that Feldane is throwing a ball with Mandrake.

Karm: 5-6 on the books, but privately, very privately, 2-3 or lower. It is *not* * public* *knowledge* that Feldane may be fussed wtih Karm, but Karm recently, as part of a practical joke, set fire to the gardens at Feldane, nearly threatening the Tree on which Feldane's magic is based. Feldane has been surprisingly calm and rational about this.

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