Karm And The Fire In The Gardens

Recently, Illyana Karm accidentally knocked over a lantern in the Feldane gardens, lighting them on fire.

This was disastrous; nearly a third of the garden burned and, while the Tree was untouched, it was too near the flames for comfort. This struck at the heart of Feldane's magic and purpose and resources, and it is not the kind of thing they will take lightly, even if it did not result from a Karm knocking over a lantern.

Illyana claimed it was a prank, but the incident struck the Feldanes as a reference to Alyssa Karm, and they took it as an act of war. They have been gearing up ever since - reinforcing the townhouse, putting in a backup garden, trying to plant another Tree, put together arms and weapons and the resources for a fight. This is a secret1234, and this is also why they insisted on the alliance with Chantris, who does not realize why the Feldanes are so insistent. Thomas was Culver's son, and this is how Culver's line lost the Duchy. He is viscerally tied in to Karm setting the gardens on fire.

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