Jacob Feldane Emma Karm And Cosimo Mandrake

Several hundred years ago, a marriage arrangement between Mandrake and Feldane was struck. It was determined that the first child of the union would inherit Feldane and the second child of the union would inherit Mandrake. As it happened, the bride had twins.

The first son was Jacob Feldane; the second child was Cosimo Mandrake. By the contract's terms, Cosimo's properties were held in trust by Feldane while the boy was raised. Feldane took few enough liberty with this arrangement, but they did take some. The boys grew up, not close, but tolerant of each other. Feldane retained control of the Mandrake properties for as long as possible.

Both Jacob and Cosimo became friends and admirers of Emma Karm. Emma was a curious, spirited, warm, intelligent woman, and in their rivalry for her attention, the brothers became estranged. It was fitting, then, that Emma was the one who engineered their reconciliation so that they became fast friends. It was at her behest that they went on a trip together, as brothers. Unfortunately, only one brother - Jacob Feldane - returned from the trip. Cosimo Mandrake had apparently mysteriously died.

Feldane expressed condolences to Mandrake and explained that as Cosimo Mandrake had no surviving heirs of his body, the Mandrake properties were due to go to Felande. Mandrake vehemently disagreed with this, and Irene has (from the archives) records of the ensuing suits and counter suits and testimony. Possession being nine tenths of the law, Feldane has held on to the Mandrake urban properties, or at least significant portions of it. What they don't own in town may be offered up as collateral against loans. They have held them ever since, in spite of Mandrake's fierce objections, going so far as to subdivide the Mandrake City house and rent it out as apartments.

As it turned out, Jacob married Emma. Emma's portrait is still in the entry hall of Feldane's city townhouse; Taleyn is her spitting image.

Ris Mandrake was no more than 9 years old when Cosimo died; when he reached his majority, he effectively took over the House, and therefore fighting Feldane. When Irene became Duchess, Ris had been arguing still with the previous Duke. Irene and Ris are notorious for their lack of agreeable compromise;

Recently, Ris Mandrake announced the return of Cosimo Mandrake. The man he claims is Cosimo Mandrake played the part well, even reacting to Emma's portrait. Feldane's stance on this issue is that clearly he is an imposter, a paid actor, and they refuse to acknowledge him.

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