Irene is the Duchess of Feldane, wife of Duke Basil Feldane, and has been for some time. She has a reputation as a grand dame at Court and is known to be deeply involved in the business end of the House, alongside her husband. She is known to have had four children - three sons, Stuart, Errol and Addison, and a daughter, Taleyn. She is easily contacted at Feldane itself, at the Palace, or in small businesses around town. The House has a reputation as duellists (although Irene herself does not) who tend to translate 'first blood' as a single killing stroke, and they are known to take deliberate offense at imaginary slights as an excuse to set up a duel.

Irene was, when she was first married, a passionate and whole hearted girl. She did not marry a passionate man, and their marriage was rocky for a number of years. Basil's calm distance wore her down over the years, and Irene has become distant and calm and cold herself, rarely showing flashes of emotion outside of exasperation, impatience and irritation. Her staff is terrified of her, and very few of her employees work up the temerity to cross her.

Stuart's loss was a blow to her, and Irene keeps his soul in the sword that cost his life; she frequently talks to it much the way she never did while he was alive. In combination with Addison and Taleyn's return, she is showing more emotion and humanity than she has in a very long time. This may or may not be a good thing.

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