First Mastery - Death

The mastery over death is the simplest. Everything dies, and there is a natural order to these things. This is the mantle of the psychopomp, the guide of the dead, ushering them on to wherever it is they should go. Where that is remains a great mystery, but the master of death knows there are many routes to it. This mastery grants a number of abilities:

The Final Strike

The master may bring the finality of death to any blow they deal. If the strike is a deadly one, no amount of medicine or magic will be able to revive the target (though it provides no advantage towards making a blow more deadly). If the target is unliving, it can be killed in this fashion, even if killing it would normally require some other means.

Words of Guidance

The master may speak freely to spirits, and even command them if the dead beings name is known. The master may also show a spirit the path to the afterlife, though without a name it cannot be commanded to take it.

Sense of Death

The master is attuned to death, and instinctively knows when something dies in his vicinity.

Dark Minion

While this is forbidden, the Master may animate a corpse. Such a being is essentially a stupid tool, capable of little more than following simple directions, and is unquestionably an abomination.


The master my bring death into the world. This has little effect in the short term, but over time, it will suck the life out of an area for several miles around. Once the blight has fully spread, the master may draw upon the power of death in that area to enhance his strength, resilience, magic and so on, granting a bonus to almost any roll.

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