Feldane's Blood

Those of the Blood of Feldane are the guardians of the boundary between life and death. This grants them the following abilities:

Strong in Life

If this character is not killed by something, he _will_ recover from it, whether it's a wound, poison, disease, etc. He can shrug off mundane injuries (wounds, broken bones, poisons, diseases, and so forth) in a matter of days, and heal from critical wounds in a week or two. He can also regenerate — even wounds that would normally be impossible to heal, like limb loss, recover within months (for a finger) to a few years (for sophisticated nerve bundles burned out by fire). This is comparable to Corwin's capabilities in the novels.

Wise in Death

The character can alter his perception to see the world through the eyes of death. Everything looks roughly the same, save that the colors have been drained away and everything shows the ravages of time, decay and death. The advantage of this perspective is that it allows the character to clearly see ghosts and haunts, and a single glance reveals how any dead thing died (though it grants no further information, such as how that may have happened). This also allows the character to see, in a general way, how close to death someone is.

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