Errol is the Second Son, who cannot live up to the legend of the first. Errol is now heir and unthrilled about it, but doing his duty, in between hellraising and chasing skirts.

Possibly he is reacting to his role in Stuart's death, since Errol stood as second to Stuart in the duel that cost Stuart his life. He takes the financial business of the House very seriously. Errol was the spare, and a bit of a playboy, and he happens to like Chantrises. That has all changed as he is now in the limelight as the heir. He's a good enough boy, but lately he's been acting out outrageously, partying till all hours, chasing skirts, getting his hands up skirts, and failing to come home sober. Errol also finds himself promptly after his brother's death engaged to Penelope Chantris's younger sister, Dulcinea Chantris, which is probably more Chantris than he actually *likes*. You can imagine how thrilled he is with this. Again, you can imagine how much his parents don't sympathize.

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