Culver's Rule

Culver took the Duchy at a young age after the untimely death by misadventure of his father, with whom he never got along.

The House undertook strong swings of influence while he was in power: Culver took risks. He insulted and fought his peers, looked down on and exploited his inferiors, and toadied shamelessly and transparently to Oberon. He fought both backstreet and formal duels with many nobles, oft-times being accused of cheating after winning. He poisoned at least one competitor that was relatively reliably traced to him.

He escaped serious consequences from his actions by being an expert at playing the "well what did you expect from me?" card, and having his paws on enough levers to keep Feldane afloat.

One thing he didn't do was play the game against his family; his arranged marriage over time became considered a lovematch, and he doted on his children to greater or lesser extent. Those who knew him well thought that he considered his daughter Aine his true heir; he openly approved of her being as aggressive, plain-spoken, and vindictive as she was.

It was she who precipitated the massacre that ended the tragedy of Thomas and Alyssa.

Culver has settled significantly since those years.

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