Culver is Irene's great grand-uncle.


Culver was a Duke of Feldane; he was as competent and avaricious as he should be. He had a wife, Beatrice; she cultivated enough eccentricity to be able to be viciously honest when it suited her. He had a three children: Thomas, the eldest, Áine, a vicious terrier of a girl and Bertram, the follower.

Thomas eloped with a Karm girl. Áine upped the ante in the fight; Bertram followed suit, and things slid downhill from there. All three of them died as a result. Beatrice died within a month of the tragedy.

With Culver's line wiped out and no immediate prospects of reinstating it, he turned over the Duchy to his nephew and fell to serious brooding. Oberon forced the role of Exchequer on him in a kill-or-cure move. It worked; since then Culver has focused on the Treasury.

Culver has seen the various Dukes after him - he knew Irene as a girl and Basil as a young Duke stepping up to the title. He has watched the children grow up, and he seems openly fond of the family and the House. He is one of the men that Irene openly respects and to whom she turns for advice and perspective; she has been known to say that Feldane would not be Feldane without his wisdom.

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