Basil And Irene

The current batch of Feldanes are the result of a union between Basil Dare, now Duke, and Irene Feldane, who was only heiress by necessity. Irene's grandfather picked his wife up off the side of the road - literally. Smitten, he took her home and married her, only to discover afterwards that his common wife had insanity in her bloodline. This exacerbated the natural Feldane disposition to go mad due to their magic. They had five children - a son and four girls. The son married and became Duke, but refused to have children to whom he would pass the dangerous affliction. The middle three daughters all went various states of mad. The last girl had an affair with a man she would not name and became pregnant out of wedlock. She was sent to the convent to bear her child, who was Irene Feldane. Irene was raised in the convent to be marriage bait for a proper Duke who would, hopefully, overlook the family's affliction and be tempted by a convent educated bride with a Duchy for a dowry.

Basil Dare was willing to accept that bargain. He wanted the Duchy. Irene thought he wanted a wife. This made their early marriage rocky and has, in their maturity, created a certain dispassion between them. They have had three sons - Stuart, Errol and Addison - and one daughter, Taleyn.

Stuart was an ideal heir, and his loss was telling. Irene keeps him in the sword on the wall and complains to him. Errol has been promoted to heir, but he is also unaccustomed to the role, and has been out raising hell and ignoring his fiancee, Dulcinea Chantris. Addison has been recalled from his happy go lucky life as an at-best-casual barrister in shadow to learn up on being the heir's understudy. He does seem to want to argue on behalf of the rights of the common man, an attitude that Irene finds distressing. Taleyn is just back from completing her education; as the daughter, she is being primed for a profitable marriage.

Basil and Irene rule the Duchy in a partnership, probably the one true partnership of their marriage. Neither of them controls the Duchy without the other, and it has prospered and expanded under their ambitious control. Certain divisions of labor are inevitable. As the Duke, Basil manages the House's military concerns and much of its interaction with the hard deals with the Crown. As the Duchess, Irene manages the household, staff and much of the administration that ties into that. Either will speak for the House politically, but Irene is careful not to publicly disagree with Basil, and he is respected as the Duke of Feldane.

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