Addison is the Third Son, the extra spare Spare, who really wishes they'd all just let him go back to reading his murder mysteries.

Addison was *very* spare, and thus largely ignored as a child and a young man, so he's the most emotionally healthy of the lot. Largely raised by the servants until he was shipped off to shadow to get educated, Addison has recently been hauled back home on Irene's orders by his valet, Peabody. They're a very Wooster and Jeeves pairing; Peabody is eminently competent and Addison is eminently not. Addison has become a barrister who wants to fight for the rights of the common man. Addison is terrified of his mother and heaven only knows what he thinks of his father.

Addison likes to hang out with his chums, get into antics, drink, read murder mysteries, and generally avoid too much effort or work. He has, in conversation with his mother, demonstrated the capacity to think, which has had the unfortunate effect of rendering him More Interesting in her eyes. Females do tend to come along and sweep Addison up into trouble, but he has not yet learned to evade them.

Addison is also a hopeless romantic. He loves the writings of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who was new and brash and exciting in Begma. He also loves Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience. He has been known to write the occasional poem himself.

Addison also loves pens.

(And yes, Addison is awesome!)

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