House Feldane, Great House of Amber

Let Others Rest

The Basics

Colors: Crimson and Grey

Coat of Arms: A grey fleur de lis on a crimson field; three coins in the upper right quadrant are an honor granted by the Crown in recognition of Feldane's long service, providing more exchequers to Amber than any other House.

Style: Duellists and lawyers

Tone: The banking house, the house of rules lawyers, the city sophisticate bureaucrats. Feldane has had more Exchequers in its history than any other House (and in fact has three coins in its coat of arms as a specific honor from the crown, to reflect that).

Gift: Necromancy

Motto: Let Others Rest

Revenue: Feldane are the slumlords of Amber: they own significant property in Amber City itself, act as landlords to much of the city, and trade primarily in spices and exotics. As an extension, they often end up effectively acting as financial backers to other businesses.


The Feldanes are traders, first and foremost, so much so as to be a little crass in comparison to the other noble houses. They seem to enjoy that reputation, as it gives grounds for duels, which they seem to relish, and which are often more deadly than they should be - the Feldane definition of "first blood" is often a single killing stroke.

Feldane is also reknown for her gardens, which showcase flora from many different shadows.

It is whispered, by those who know, that Feldane also traffic with the dead, but for all that, their name is one spoken of with dread by any necromancer foolish enough to find his way to Amber.



Feldane guards the threshold between life and death, and the power to do so comes with a great price.

Feldane's Magic:

Map of the Townhouse in Amber City

Membership (PCs)

  • Basil - Duke of Feldane
  • Irene - Duchess of Feldane
  • Stuart - Dead First Heir to the House
  • Errol - Heir to the House
  • Addison - Spare of the House
  • Taleyn - Prematurely released from the Convent
  • Culver - Retired Duke, Exchequer to the Crown
  • Fiamme - Attached Knight
  • Peabody - Loyal Manservant
  • Cousin Emma - Cousin From The Country, Taleyn's Approved Companion

Notable NPCs

The Honored Dead

Everywhere you see a vase, there's probably a dead Feldane lurking inside. Detail them here!

Household Staff

See this Wikipedia information on household servants.
When household characters are created ex nihilo during play, try to note them here so others can refer to them.

The other Houses

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